What tactics do bettors use?

There are two conventional categories of players who place bets on Brazilian jiu-jitsu at bookmakers. The first category is gamblers who place bets for fun. Most often, it goes without confidence in your winnings. In fact, it turns out that bookmakers really like it. The player most often chooses small amounts and puts them on the favorite of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu game, without carefully examining the situation, acts based on emotions or intuition.
The second category of players approaches their bets more responsibly, their goal is to win. They put into practice personally developed schemes that have been tested by time and have earned the income on Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling.

Are there really any winning tactics for Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Of course, there is no single scheme that guarantees win-win jiu-jitsu bets. Each plan has its drawbacks, but so do the benefits. There are many advertisements out there that try to prove otherwise, they talk about big and guaranteed profits. But this is just a publicity stunt and nothing more. Only a well-thought-out tactic, which is correctly selected and executed in compliance with all its points, will bring profit on Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling. Any violation of the strategy will lead to loss.
The style of play must necessarily correspond to the chosen strategy, and vice versa. For example, if you divide your pot into 50 equal shares and bet 2% of the total pot amount, you do not need to change this rule and do otherwise, breaking the game plan.

What financial betting tactics are effective?

Correct distribution of the bank, calculation of the correct size of rates – the essence of financial strategies. Among them are:

  • Flat division of the bank into parts, for example, 20 shares. One rate is a certain percentage of the entire bank, and deviations from it are not allowed. After increasing the pot, the amount of bets may also increase, but the percentage remains the same throughout the entire game.
  • Financial method Martingale, the principle of action is the same as the game strategy “catch up”. After each unsuccessful bet, it is raised to cover the loss. This method is considered a win-win.
  • Anti-Martingale. The amount of the bet increases only in case of a positive outcome, in case of loss, accordingly, decreases.
  • Kelly criterion. Novice players usually do not use this method, as they do not yet have the experience to deeply analyze the game.

In any case, all the listed tactics are not a guarantee to take the winnings on Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling. Players at the very beginning of their playing “career” can be accompanied by failures and losses, what implies that the plan is not chosen correctly, or is simply violated. You can use any other technique, or think over your courses of action that bring a stable and regular income on Brazilian jiu-jitsu gambling.