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What do I need to start training? Which glove I should choose? How many ounces are good for me? ...

You can have questions like these during your browsing the online store regarding the technical material. You got to know what you really need, we offer below, some basic guidelines regarding the differentiation of our products and the various purposes for which they have been produced of. Because there isn’t the same a training glove or a competition glove, it isn’t appropriate to use 8oz with a weight of 80 kg neither.


Training Gloves: Gloves are produced with the aim of supporting different jobs during training and usually made standard. In our section you will also find more specific gloves, with extra protections in different places, which fit even more, if it’s possible, to the specific needs of experienced or professional athletes.
Amateur competition gloves: The amateur competition demands to meet different specific requirements: protection requirements, different colors, thumb restraint ...

Professional Competition Gloves: These gloves are made exclusively for professional competition. They are compact and reduced, which together within the special bandage used, make them conform to the anatomy of the hand of each athlete.

Sack Gloves and Gloves: These products are designed to achieve the final objectives of perfection of technique, using bags, gloves, targets ...

MMA Gloves: They combine reduced protection in the part of the knuckles and freedom in the fingers for the practice of grappling. Within these features, the palm of the hand may be more or less released. The level of protection varies depending on whether they are used, competitions or training.

Aerobic Gloves: Used for shade practice or aerobic combat, these gloves are usually made of less resistant materials, cheaper and with more variety of the designs. These gloves won’t be used to hit.



From 6 to 18 Oz, depending on your experience, stickiness, weight.... you can check our recommendations.

6 Oz: For children, whose goal is learning through games. From 5 to 8 years old approximate.

8 Oz: Designed for children, whose purpose is gaming learning. From 8 to 13 years old approximate.

10 Oz: For beginners athletes whose weight does not exceed 65 kg, or for athletes whose training is specific next to a competition.

12 Oz: For athletes whose weight does not exceed 70 kg. Frequently used by beginners.

14 Oz: For athletes whose weight does not exceed 78 kg.

16 Oz: For athletes whose weight does not exceed 85 kg.

18 Oz: Primarily intended for athletes weighing more than 85 kg.


10 Oz amateur competition: Designed for competition, as this product meets the specific requirements of international regulations regarding competition, following specific guidelines regarding raw materials, clothing, color distinction and designs.

8 Oz Professional: Destined for competitors whose professional body allows the use of these Oz in the framework of competition included for the weight of the athlete.

10 Oz Professional: Destined for competitors, whose professional body allows the use of these Oz in the framework of competition included for the weight of the athlete.


Bandages give protection to the hands, fixing muscles, nerves, tendons, etc. They provide firmness and safety, allowing the perfect fit with the glove. There are bands of cotton, semi-elastic, with extra protection or neoprene, and even the so-called 'easy bandages', with glove design.


Shin / tibial: Provides protection only to the tibia, which combined with booty create a perfect set of protection, both for training and competition.

With instep shin guard: Attached to the shin guard incorporate an extra instep protector, being comfortable and effective during training as a complete leg guard.

Booty: Provides protection of instep, fingers, ankle and heel. They are used cobinated with shin guards during training or competition, since in this last one the majority rule of the competent organisms dictates that the heel must be covered.


The protection of the head is very important as well as recommended, since not only will we be able to practice our sport safely, but it will prevent accidents from making a dent in the most visible part of our anatomy. Do not hesitate, protect yourself and enjoy the training.


Groin Guard (genital protection): Special products to protect the most sensitive area of
​​the body. Although all the regulations contemplate that it is a prohibited zone of strike, it is inevitable that by accident or of involuntary form is touched in some occasion. Do not wait for this happens and enjoy with a guarantee of your sport.
Female pectoral protector: An essential item of protection that values
​​very positively the athletes who want to get the most out of their sporting activities.


Custom: The usual protectors are used mainly by initiates, since in their sports beginnings the contact will be occasional, emphasizing the technique and other movements that your coach considers appropriate. Therefore, these protectors are manufactured with a minimum guaranteed protection.

Simple: Deepen the upper tooth.

Double: Deepen the upper and lower dental, leaving holes of oxygenation between the 2 zones.

Training and competition: The training and competition protectors are very different from the usual ones, because the protection needs aren’t the same. These needs require different cushions, as the areas to be protected are of different sensitivity (gums, teeth, lip, jaw ...). Thus, the fusion of contrasting raw materials makes these protectors fulfill their function well.


Essential for the contact sports practice, there are bags with standard designs or with different shapes for specific work of improvement; With light and heavy weights and fillings for works of speed, power ....; With different grips (there are extra rings in the lower zone to reduce mobility) and fastening (with straps, ideal for Muay Thai,) or even without any type of attachment for bags or articles of MMA.

These products are using by coaches and trainers during training, offering a goal or target to the athlete in order to sharpen the senses of coordination, speed, reflexes, distance.....

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