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Since 1995, Rude Boys Equipment has been a guarantee for countless athletes, professional and enthusiasts of contact sports in Europe. Our wide range of selected products includes all the thecnical equipment, apparel and accessories for Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and related Fitness disciplines. Anything you need with a strong commitment to customer service.
Because not every glove is the same, Rude Boys Equipment only markets reliable, internationally re-known brands that deliver the safety these contact sports demand. Remember this is not a kids game. Always practice with quality products.

Rude Boys Equipment,
Our Garantee is your Success!

Our offer

Our offer includes the best brands in the sport: 

Rude Boys: Quality equipment for all levels. Considered the brand with the best value for money in Europe and choice of great professionals of international impact like Ramon Dekkers, Kiko Martinez, Rafi Zouheir, Manzy Pauwels, Sanae Jah, Eva Mª Naranjo or Roberto Santos.

Cleto Reyes: The most prestigous international brand handmade in Mexico, preferred by  the champions and used at championship bouts.

Nike Boxing: The ring shoes of choice for world champions like Manny Pacquiao. 

Opro Shield: The world’s most advanced self fit mouthguards. No mouthguard, No defense.